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Islamic Development Bank Merit Scholarship Program for High Technology 2010-11

Pakistan: Islamic Development Bank Merit Scholarship Program for High Technology 2010-11

* The Islamic Development Bank (IBD) is delighted to announce that applications scholarships under the 1430 (2010-11) IDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology are open for application. The scholarships will be awarded to the successful application in September 2010;

* The Programme is designed to help promising research students to pursue a full- time three-year Ph.D study or a six-twelve month post-doctoral research work in scientific disciplines that enhances development in IDB member countries; for issuance, health/medicine, agriculture/food production, water resources/desertification, energy/infrastructure development, nanotechnology, development-focused ICT. Some scholarships have also been reserved for studies and research in invention-related abstract sciences;

* The scholarship comprises tuition fees, cost of living allowance, health insurance cost and travel ticket cost and dependency allowance for Ph.D students;

* The applicant must be a citizen of an IDB member country, must be a permanent employee of an academic institution or research centre of his/her country and must satisfy all the eligibility requirements of the Programme;

* The successful candidate must secure admission to one of the universities listed in the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES). The list is available on the IDB website

* Priority shall be given to applicants who have secured admission to universities that have concluded a cooperation agreement with the IDB such as Cambridge University, Nottingham University, Birmingham University in the UK or to one of the universities on the THES list.

* The prospective applicant should visit the IDB website: www.isdb.orgto download the Programme’s application form (Under the Scholarship Menu) and to read full information about the eligibility requirements, how to apply, the Programme’s benefits and facilities as well as the names of universities. Copies of application forms for Ph.D and Post Doctorate are also available at

* The applicants MUST NOT directly submit the applications to IDB Headquarters, Jeddah;

* The applicant must complete the application form and send it together with the requisite documents mentioned in the introductory form to the address below:

Application for
IDB Merit Scholarships,
Government of Pakistan,
Economic Affairs Division,
C-Block Pak Secretariat,

SLA Awards

This call is cross-posted to CHMINF-L, SLA: DCHE, PAM, ST, & ACRL STS.
Apologies for duplication.
Please post the call on a bulletin board in your library school or
information center (if appropriate).

2010 Marion E. Sparks Award for Professional Development
The Chemistry Division of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) is
sponsoring a student/new member travel award to defray the costs of
attending the 2010 SLA Annual Meeting June 13-16 in New Orleans, LA. The
award is intended to encourage the professional development of student
members and new members of the Chemistry Division and encourage their
participation in Chemistry Division activities.

TRAVEL AWARD: $1,500 stipend to attend the 2010 SLA Annual Conference.
The winner will also receive a certificate of achievement and will be
introduced at the Chemistry Division Business Meeting & Breakfast.

ELIGIBILITY: All student members of the SLA Chemistry Division and all new
members of the SLA Chemistry Division (individuals who have joined since
January 2009) are eligible. All applicants must have joined the SLA
Chemistry Division by February 16, 2010. See below for how to join.

Please submit the following:
-A brief essay that: a) clearly articulates your objectives for
professional development; and b) indicates
what you hope to gain from attending the SLA Annual Meeting. Maximum
length: 2 pages.
-Names of two references.
-Brief budget (expected expenses for registration, airfare, lodging, food
and/or continuing education course).
Registration in a Chemistry Division or other Continuing Education (CE)
course is recommended, but not required.

DEADLINE: All applications for the award must be received by March 1,
2010 (all applicants must have joined the SLA Chemistry Division by
February 16, 2010). The winner will be notified March 15, 2010. Essays
will be judged by the SLA Chemistry Division Awards Committee.

HISTORY: The award is named to honor Marion E. Sparks, a chemistry
librarian at the University of Illinois from 1913 until her death in 1929.
Ms. Sparks contributed a great deal to the field of chemical information,
her achievements include teaching courses on chemical information, and
authoring and publishing what is argued to be the first book to formally
address chemical literature and library instruction.

Cory Craig
University of California, Davis
Physical Sciences & Engineering Library
One Shields Avenue
Davis, California 95616-8676


Want to join the Chemistry Division of SLA?
Not a member of SLA? Use this link to join SLA:
When you join SLA, you can also join one division for free, additional
divisions are $18/year.

Already an SLA member? To join the Chemistry Division either: 1)
Download the SLA Change/Add Units form: and fax or mail it to
SLA. Or 2) Call 1-703-647-4936 and pay with a credit card. When you
join SLA, you can also join one division for free, additional divisions are

Travel Grants for IFLA

Grants for Gothenburg

It is our great pleasure to announce that 2010 funds are now available to support a number of colleagues from countries in Asia/Oceania, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to attend our IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Gothenburg.

Travel grants can be provided thanks to generous donations from a number of different sources:

de Gruyter Saur Publishers, for participants from the Pacific Region Approximately EUR 60.000 will be made available from the Stichting IFLA Foundation, the Swedish Library Association and the Swedish library industry For a more detailed description of the donors and their specific requirements please refer to them separately above.

Successful candidates receive support in the form of Congress registration, hotel and additional expenses for a maximum total of EUR 2.000. Additional expenses need to be covered by other sponsorship or by candidates themselves. [In exceptional circumstances and depending on travel costs, funding of up to EUR 2.500 may be considered]

Eligible are those:

who are living and working in Asia/Oceania, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean; and who are library and information professionals with at least three years, but no more than eight years, of library or information science experience Priority may be given to those who in addition meet one or more of the following criteria:

Being employed by an IFLA institutional member, or being an IFLA personal or student affiliate Never before having attended an IFLA annual Congress Being a member of an IFLA Section's Standing Committee Having a paper or poster proposal being selected for presentation in Gothenburg Submission deadline:

1 March 2010

Please send your completed application as an attachment by email to:

For Detail please follow the link

Monday, January 4, 2010

Developing Countries Scholarships in Germany: South – North Sandwich Scholarships

Developing Countries Scholarships in Germany: South – North Sandwich Scholarships

Sandwich Scholarships

for visiting PhD students from developing countries
to conduct research at the University of Hohenheim, Germany
(“South – North Sandwich Scholarships”)
Scholarship description

FSC awards up to four visiting ‘Sandwich’ scholarships to PhD students from developing countries for a period of six months, beginning April 15, 2010. The Center wishes to attract outstanding PhD students pursuing a career in academia or development collaboration. The scholarship aims at increasing their previously gained scientific knowledge and skills relevant to food security related issues. The successful candidates will receive scholarships for completing compulsory and/or elective courses required for receiving PhD degrees from their home universities (if formally agreed by their home institutions), attending additional training courses and workshops at Hohenheim and/or conducting PhD thesis related research studies, contributing to the mission of FSC. Study courses held in English can be selected from the regular course catalogues of the international MSc study programs offered by the University of Hohenheim’s Center for Agriculture in the Tropics and Subtropics and combined with other English MSc and PhD courses and trainings offered by the university’s departments and/or FSC’s Young Excellence School (YES). For research collaborations, each successful candidate will work with research staff of one of Hohenheim’s departments to conduct a specific research project contributing to FSC’s mission and relevant for her/his PhD thesis. Funding for research is expected to be provided by the applicant’s and/or supervisor’s institution and/or other organizations. The objective of the collaboration is to write at least one joint, peer-reviewed journal publication or paper to be presented at an international conference that contributes to FSC’s mission and that is relevant for the PhD thesis. Successful candidates are expected to present their research proposal, state of research and preliminary results in FSC and relevant department’s PhD seminars. Participation in YES’ teaching and training activities on a limited scale, if possible, is desired. Furthermore, FSC aims at establishing an active, long-lasting collaboration with the PhD students and their home institutions.

The scholarship is given for a stay at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany. The monthly grant is 1,000 Euros in 2010. In addition, FSC pays for traveling to/from Hohenheim. Health insurance and other potential costs must be paid for privately.

Required skills

The applicant must provide proof of:
· outstanding study performance (i.e. excellent or very good MSc grade);
· completed graduate studies in agricultural, nutritional, natural, social, economic or political sciences, or related disciplines with specification on food security related issues with a minimum grade of 2.5;
· working on doctoral studies at her/his home institution by the time of application;
· track record of knowledge in the proposed field of study;
· excellent proficiency in oral and written English.

Furthermore, the applicant must:
· be able to conduct innovative research;
· have excellent interpersonal skills and team spirit;
· be able and willing to work well in an interdisciplinary, multicultural environment with individuals from different scientific, societal and cultural backgrounds and with organizations from the public, private and civil society sector;
· be available for the entire period of the research stay;
· be a national of a developing country according to OECD DAC list;
· return to his/her home country or to another developing country after completion of research.


Please submit the following documents to, with the subject line of the e-mail mentioning the specific scholarship you are applying for (“Application for South – North Sandwich Scholarship”):

· Cover letter (please mention the name of the scholarship program as stated in the FSC announcement);
· Detailed Curriculum Vitae (no longer than 3 pages);
· Proposal (maximum 2,000 words) specifying your planned research activities during your stay at the University of Hohenheim. This should include information on the methods, timetable, funding of research and name of the potential supervisor. The research proposal must be based on a research theme or research field indicated by professors / potential supervisors from the University of Hohenheim (see “List of research themes and fields” on FSC’s webpage).
· Master thesis abstract (maximum 1,000 words);
· Scanned copies of all relevant academic certificates obtained. All certificates must be accompanied by an explanation of the grading system. Documents issued in languages other than German or English, must be accompanied by a German or English translation.
· List of publications;
· Two letters of recommendation from professors or supervisors.

Please send FSC all documents as a PDF in one e-mail. We would like to ask you to reduce the number of attached files by compiling various documents into three files (File 1: cover letter, CV, proposal, thesis abstract and list of publications; File 2: scanned copies of all relevant academic certificates obtained; File 3: two letters of recommendation). Please name all files in a systematic way: your last name – scholarship category – file number.

The deadline for the application is January 30, 2010.

FSC will confirm the receipt of all (complete) applications (i.e., if an application is not complete, FSC will not consider it and will not confirm receipt of the application). All accepted applications will be selected according the following criteria:
1. Fulfillment of announcement criteria (cf. “required skills” and “application”);
2. Quality of proposal and project feasibility;
3. Overall, equivalent distribution over regions and Hohenheim disciplines;
4. Fulfillment of demands (e.g. emerging from collaborations with development organizations).

The selected applicants will be contacted no later than March 16, 2010. Please be aware that FSC will contact only successful candidates.

Read more:

Scholarships for Non-German Undergraduates, Graduates and Postgraduates,

Scholarships for Non-German Undergraduates, Graduates and Postgraduates, Freiburg University of Education, Germany

Information for students accepted to attend the Freiburg University of Education (PH) for one or two semesters
This year again, the Baden-Württemberg Foundation is awarding Baden-Württemberg Scholarships for Students attending institutions in Baden-Württemberg. The scholarships are designed to promote the international exchange of highly qualified German and non-German students. All highly qualified students attending a partner institution of the Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg (PH Freiburg – Freiburg University of Education) and who have been accepted into the exchange program between the two institutions can apply for a Baden-Württemberg Scholarship.

Scholarship period: 5 months (1 semester) or 10 months (whole academic year) for study or research at the Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg (min. 4 – max. 11 months on application)
Basic scholarship amount: approx. 400 € per month (up to 500 €)

Target group: Highly qualified non-German undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates attending one of the prestigious partner universities of the PH Freiburg abroad and whose institutions award tuition waivers for students coming from the PH Freiburg within the reciprocal agreement. Scholarship holders must complete a research project or complete part of their home study obligations at the PH Freiburg.

Applications for are to be submitted to the office/authority responsible, e.g. international office of your home university.

Only applications (6 copies each) that contain the following documents will be considered:
o Application form
o Detailed proposal of study with information on studies and career to date (max. three pages)
o Copies of certificates (degrees awarded, transcript of courses)
o Curriculum Vitae (academic resume) with date of birth
o Certificate of Matriculation (from home university)
o Proof of German language skills (and/or other languages)
o Letter of recommendation by a professor tutoring the student explaining academic performance as well as intercultural and social competence (see attached form)

Submission date no later than 1st April 2010

The decision on who will be recommended for a scholarship will be made by the Baden-Württemberg Scholarship Commission at the PH Freiburg based on shortlists and appraisals by the student’s home university. The final decision, however, remains with the foundation Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg gGmbH.

For further details, please refer to the webpage of the Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg ( or contact your local subject co-ordinator or the International Office.

Landesstiftung Baden-Württemberg GmbH
This state foundation established in 2000 promotes various projects of general public benefit linked by the common aim of securing the future capacities of the State of Baden-Württemberg. Projects in the fields of education, science and research are supported in particular. Initial examples are programmes for internet and computer competence, research in the field of nutrition, food safety and consumer protection, a photonics center, financial support for vocational education, and the Baden-Württemberg Scholarship. Future and key technologies, human capital, internationalisation, media competence, social learning, youth, family and civic commitment are also focal points of the work of the Landesstiftung. The Chairman of the Supervisory Board is Minister-President Guenther Oettinger.