Monday, February 22, 2010

Netherlands fellowships in Humanities and Social Sciences

NIAS Fellows are selected from prominent researchers and senior scholars in the humanities and social sciences who have already made a contribution to scholarship and who are able to continue their research and to advance knowledge in their particular fields during their stay.

Application Deadline: Monday 1st March 2010

Regular NIAS Fellowships are awarded for a full research year, from 1 September – 30 June, although a five-month period is also possible. Other fellowships that are awarded on the basis of submitted applications are the Golestan Fellowship, the Lorentz Fellowships, the Mellon Fellowship, the Visiting Grants, the Henry G. Schermers Fellowship, the Writer-in-Residence, the Translator-in-Residence, and the Journalist-in-Residence.

Duo Fellowships. Scholarly research may benefit substantially from a close co-operation of two scholars working on a joint project. Joint applications for regular NIAS Fellowships by a Dutch scholar and a non-Dutch scholars are most welcome.
They consist of two individual applications, one by a Dutch scholar and one by a non-Dutch scholar, and a joined research project as requested under item 15 in the application form.
The deadline for Duo Fellowships is the same as the one for regular NIAS Fellowships for non-Dutch scholars.

Theme Groups are part of NIAS’s policy to emphasise the symbiosis among various disciplines within the humanities and social sciences, and among diverse scientific methods. To improve and stimulate the quality of scholarship in these areas an exchange of knowledge and insights in an international context is considered vitally important. To this end, work at NIAS is in part organised in multidisciplinary research theme groups, that have a distinctly international character.

There are also several invitational fellowships: Willem F. Duisenberg Fellowship, Spinoza Fellowship, Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship, the KB Fellowship as well as Guest of the Rector.

All fellowships are residential and are awarded on the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee, whose membership is determined by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The minimum requirement to be eligible for a NIAS Fellowship is a Ph.D. degree.

Fellowships are awarded for a full research year from 1 September – 30 June or for one semester, i.e. from 1 September – 31 January and from 1 February – 30 June.

Please note, that NIAS does not provide fellowships for training programmes or educational purposes. Nor does it offer courses or financial support to conduct research elsewhere.

Application Procedures
For application procedure see the information on the relevant webpages.

Scholars who wish to apply for one of the fellowships at NIAS should go to the Fellowship’s page and follow the instructions.

Applicants are asked to apply by e-mail Application-at-NIAS.KNAW.NL and attach the following:

the completed application form
their curriculum vitae (3 pages)
a list of (major) publications (3 pages)
the research proposal describing the work that they propose to carry out at NIAS (3 pages).
All attachments should be one and a half spacing and not exceed the maximum limit of three pages.

Monographs sent in to support of an application will be returned after completion of the selection procedure in case the application is unsuccessful. Publications by successful applicants will be placed in the NIAS library.

All information supplied will be treated with utmost confidentiality and used only by the Scholarship Committee and the Directorate.

Please note, that the number of scholars expressing interest always exceeds the places available.

Monographs to support an application should be sent by regular mail to:

Research Planning
Meijboomlaan 1
2242 PR Wassenaar
The Netherlands

You will be notified by e-mail if your application fulfils initial requirements and has been passed on for the reviewing proces. An indication when information about the outcome of the selection procedure will be given.

For further information: Jos J.M. Hooghuis, Head of Research Planning & Communication.

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