Friday, June 25, 2010

International Research Support Initiative Program 2010/11,Pakistan

Job Description: Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is offering this six month research fellowship abroad to full time PhD students enrolled in Pakistan to enhance their research capabilities. It is of utmost importance that the doctoral studies carried out in Pakistan are of a standard that is at par with any international reputed institution. This is only possible if candidates are provided with adequate support in research projects. This may be a problem because of the paucity of resources in Pakistan therefore the scheme is helping to provide doctoral students exposure internationally so they could carry out research projects of high standard. The scheme is also assisting ongoing Indigenous PhD programs by providing a mechanism for PhD scholars to travel abroad and conduct research in advanced industrialized countries for a period upto 6 months. This is providing exposure to the PhD scholars which will enhance the quality of research that they will be conducting in Pakistan. It is also serving to develop linkages between Pakistani and foreign institutions.

Any full time AJK/Pakistani national PhD student:

1. Who has completed at least one year of PhD studies at Public Sector University/ Institution which has adopted HEC guideline for M.Phil and PhD studies while being engaged in thesis related research.
2. Who has an approved PhD research topic and synopsis by the Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR) or Directorate of Advanced Studies and Research (DASR) or equivalent body of the university
3. “Who has an official acceptance/invitation letter for research from a foreign university/institute/lab of international repute (Preference will be given to top 500 universities as per Times Ranking of World Universities)”.
4. Those Scholars who are already availing any other HEC scholarship are also eligible to apply provided they submit NOC from their concerned HEC officer.
Application Deadline There is no last date for submission of applications. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as they are eligible and fulfill the basic criteria.

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